The Wood Bowl - From a Tree to Your Table (3 to 5 Week Workshop) A Great Option for Locals!

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An opportunity to create beautiful bowls from a unique resource of fallen and salvaged trees.  A rewarding immersion in design and craft using intuitive and technical methods to reveal what is hidden beneath the bark.  Topics include:

  • Characteristics of wood

  • Salvaging trees for woodworking

  • Woodturning processes

  • Principles of good form

  • Craftsmanship skills

Instructor:  Laura Yeats

Adults - All Levels, including Beginners.  Maximum 3 students.

Cost Per Person (Tax Included)

Orientation + 4 Sessions:  $495 (best deal!)

Orientation + 2 Sessions:  $300

Two Additional Sessions:  $200

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Additional Info

This workshop occurs over several sessions - typically over 3 to 5 weeks!   Workshop schedule:  2.5 hr. Orientation on a Sunday and choose either Two or Four 3.5-hour Turning Sessions to make bowls.  The Turning Sessions are currently offered on Tuesdays or Sundays with  Morning, Afternoon and Evening times available. If those days don't work for you contact Laura about alternate days.

A new workshop begins each month!  Contact Laura to arrange your 2 hr. held typically during the first week of the month.   Upon registration we'll select the days/times for your turning sessions.  Currently Turning Sessions  are Tuesdays  9 AM-12:30 or 1:30-5 PM or alternating Sundays 5-8:30 PM

If the days/times offered don't fit your schedule consider the Intensive or contact Laura about a Custom Workshop.  Alternate dates are available with advance notice.

Note:  The Orientation + 4 Sessions is the prerequisite for becoming a "Returning Student" and Turning Sessions are offered for less cost.