Turning Boxes & Lidded Containers


From Simple to Complex

The focus of this session will be the design and process of turning wooden containers. We will practice effective strategies for hollowing out interiors, and employ simple methods for getting precision fit lids. Important information about material selection, versatile holding methods, tool control, and design options will be presented in great detail, with plenty of one-on-one instruction.

Instructor:  Michael Mocho

All skill levels

Single day session: 9AM-3PM with full hour lunch break

Cost: $125

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Additional Info

Regardless of the specific topic or project, every session will include plenty of detailed information pertaining to the development of a greater understanding for how such contributing factors as material selection, mounting techniques, cutting dynamics, sharpening, stance, RPM, and pressure all effect both form and surface quality.

Emphasis is always on employing a safe and sequential approach to establish the proper feel for effective tool use in service to your design intentions.

Plenty of one-on-one turning instruction and all materials will be provided.

A wide variety of design inspirations, historical examples, and resource information will also be included.

Students should bring their own tools and personal safety equipment if possible, though supplemental tools will be available. The studio is well equipped with professional quality lathes, sharpening equipment, and accessories. A recommended tool list will be provided prior to the session.